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About Us

Data Presentation Products, Inc. (DPPI) is dedicated to providing business managers with the advanced automation tools needed to access, analyze and communicate critical corporate data, facilitating strategic and day-to-day business decisions. With a focus on data accessibility and usability, DPPI's core product is the Xcelerator™ financial decision support software that enhances the power of Microsoft® Great PlainsŪ solutions. Xcelerator™ allows users to effectively integrate, manipulate and communicate their Great PlainsŪ data in Excel. The company's first product, Classic Information Manager™ allows users to capture, manage, print, view, search, and combine data from their Microsoft® Great Plains® Classic 9 spooled-to-disk reports. The Passport Information Manager, allows users to capture, manage, print, view, search, and combine data from their Passport RW32® Version 10 spooled-to-disk reports. With DPPIs automated data solutions, users spend more time using their information and less time re-working the data.

Over the years, the DPPI team has continually championed the importance of having accurate, accessible and useable data for mission-critical business decisions. That emphasis continues to be the driving force behind the company's product offerings today. For DPPI, the focus is on ensuring the first step in the business decision-making process.

Making Sense Out of Data

Company History
Launched in 1999 by three former Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers, DPPI has made significant strides in a short period of time. With a keen eye on product quality and corporate profitability, the company has managed to grow its business in a tough economic period. With the release of the Xcelerator™ decision support software in July 2002, DPPI is positioning itself for a strong future by providing business managers with a critical component to the corporate decision making process.
Company milestones include:

  Entered into a Private Label Agreement with Great Plains Software in September 2000, allowing Great Plains to resell DPPI's Classic Information Manager alongside the company's solutions

  Shipped first retail product in January 2001

  Became Microsoft Development Partner May 2002

  Launched Xcelerator 2.0 in July 2002

  Became a Microsoft Channel Authorized Solution Developer in July of 2002