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Flash Videos on DPPI's Popular
Microsoft Excel Add-ins and Excel Tools
for Completely Automating Excel Formatting,
Automatically Formatting Excel Worksheets,
Creating and Formatting Excel Charts and PivotTables
and Using Enhanced Excel Data Analysis Features

Videos on Features of DPPI's Add-ins for Microsoft Excel   Released Runtime

Creating the Demonstration Subtotals using EZ-Subtotal   05/01/2009   03:22
    See how the Demonstration Subtotals were created using
    many of EZ-Subtotals over two dozen Excel Enhancements.
Creating and Using Subtotals with EZ-Subtotal In-Depth   04/15/2009   03:54
    See how to quickly create and use Excel subtotals using
    many of EZ-Subtotals over two dozen Excel Enhancements.
EZ-Subtotal's Instant Calculation of All Subtotal Types   04/15/2009   01:53
    See how EZ-Subtotal instantly calculates all 11 Excel
    Subtotal Types & Median & Mode at each Subtotal Break.
The Six "Free Forever" EZ-Subtotal Excel Enhancements   04/14/2009   02:38
    See examples of the six Excel enhancements that are
    "Free Forever" simply for trying EZ-Subtotal.
EZ-Subtotal's Better Formatted Excel Subtotals.   01/26/2009   00:33
    This 33 second video shows how to quickly and easily create
    better formatted more useful Subtotals using EZ-Subtotal.
Creating and Reusing Worksheet Formats with EZ-Format   11/07/2008   03:20
    Watch how to create re-usable worksheet formats and how
    to re-use formats to create identically formatted worksheets.
Creating and Changing Excel Subtotals On-the-Fly   11/06/2008   09:04
    See how to quickly create Excel subtotals and change them
    on-the-fly without removing and re-creating the subtotals.
EZ-Format's Copy Only Visible Worksheet Data Feature   10/28/2008   06:33
    See how to copy only the visible data in both an Excel only
    formatted worksheet and an EZ-Format formatted worksheet.
Changing Height of all Subtotal Rows in an Excel Worksheet   10/23/2008   01:52
    See how to quickly change the Height of all Subtotal Rows
    using EZ-Format and Xcelerator.
EZ-Format's Ad Hoc and Automatic Excel Formatting Overview   10/20/2008   03:47
    Quickly format Excel Data on both an Ad Hoc basis and
    Automatically using re-usable worksheet formats.
Create new Worksheets / Workbooks for each selected Value   10/07/2008   03:15
    Create new Worksheets and Workbooks for the Data
    for each selected Value in one Field.
Create Separate Workbooks for Sheets in current Workbook   10/07/2008   02:19
    Create new separate workbooks for all or selected
    sheets or tabs in the currently active Excel workbook.
Extracting or Splitting Subsets of an Excel Worksheet   10/07/2008   01:52
    Extract or Split a Subset of the Data in an Excel
    Worksheet for only the Selected Values in one Field.
Spreading the Numeric Values in one Excel Data Field   10/07/2008   02:21
    Spread the Numeric Values in one Column to multiple New
    Columns created for the unique values in a second Column.
Extracting from or Splitting an Excel Name or Text Field   10/07/2008   03:29
    Use EZ-Split to Extract or Split the Left, Center or Right
    portion of an Excel Name or Text Field.
Filling Blank Excel Data Cells with Data from Above   10/07/2008   02:23
    Use EZ-Split to Fill Blank Excel Data Cells in either one Column
    or the entire Excel List in three clicks.
Using EZ-Stat's 'Full Stats' to Quickly Analyze Excel Data   08/12/2008   04:10
    Analyze Excel Data using up to 24 Standard Excel Formulas
    calculated at changes in up to four sort fields.
Create "Aged Date" Fields for use in Excel PivotTables   08/09/2008   04:35
    Create over 20 different "Aged Date" and "Reformatted Date"
    Fields for use in creating PivotTables with Excel or EZ-Pivot.
Auto Formatting Excel PivotTable Drill Worksheets   08/08/2008   05:30
    Use EZ-Pivot and Xcelerator to Auto Format Excel
    PivotTable Drill Worksheets in Drill enabled PivotTables.
Sort and Rank Subtotaled Data by any Fields Subtotals   08/06/2008   03:30
    For easier Data Analysis Sort and Rank Subtotaled Data by the
    Subtotal Amounts of any field using EZ-Format and Xcelerator.
Dragging Reference / Constant Data to Excel Subtotal Rows   08/04/2008   02:50
    See how to quickly drag Reference Data / Constant Data to
    Excel Subtotal rows using EZ-Format and Xcelerator.
EZ-Splits's Quick and Easy Worksheet Splitting Features   07/23/2008   03:11
    See how to quickly and easily split one worksheet into multiple
    worksheets in either one workbook or into multiple workbooks.
EZ-Format's Better Excel Subtotals Video No. 1   07/22/2008   03:21
    See EZ-Format quickly and easily create better formatted Excel
    Subtotals plus seven of over three dozen Excel enhancements.
EZ-Quick Automatic Reformatting of QuickBooks Excel Reports   07/17/2008   02:05
    See how EZ-Quick Automatically Reformats QuickBooks Excel
    Reports to print in one-half to one-fifth the number of pages.
EZ-Chart2's Dynamic Sorting of X, Y and Z Chart Fields   07/06/2008   01:56
    See how EZ-Chart2 Dynamically Sorts X, Y and Z Fields
    in EZ-Chart2 Created Excel XY, Combination and XYZ Charts.
EZ-Chart2 Quick and Easy Excel Combination Charts   07/02/2008   02:30
    See why you would use Excel Combination Charts and learn
    how to quickly and easily create Excel Combination Charts.
EZ-Chart2 Overview of Quick and Easy Excel Chart Creation   06/27/2008   02:30
    Watch how EZ-Chart2 automatically summarizes raw data
    and creates two custom formatted Excel charts in seconds.
Watch EZ-GP export 10,000 SmartList records in 10 seconds   02/26/2008   03:26
    SmartList takes 23 minutes to export the same 10,000 records.
Watch How Quick and Easy it is to Download, Install, Run the
    Automated Demos, Pause and Uninstall DPPI Excel Add-ins
12/23/2007   03:45
    See how fast and easy it is to perform these actions.
EZ-Chart Demo of How to Create an Excel Combination Chart   09/05/2007   04:54
    See how to create an Excel Combination Chart consisting of an
    Excel Bar Chart and an Excel Line Chart for three Y Value Fields.
EZ-Stat for Excel Demo of Commonly Used Statistics   09/04/2007   06:45
    See 8 examples of how to instantly create 29 Excel Formulas!
    Sum, Count, Average, Median, Min, Max, Standard Deviation, ...
EZ-Pivot for Excel Demo   04/12/2007   06:16
    Quickly create formatted PivotTables, PivotCharts and reusable
    sorted, reordered and totaled PivotTable Drill worksheets!
EZ-Format for Excel Demo   02/06/2007   04:17
    Quickly format and subtotal unformatted data for better analysis!
EZ-Chart for Excel Overview   11/06/2006   02:55
    Watch EZ-Chart create identically formatted charts in seconds!
    Automatically summarizes and assigns data to reusable formats.
Why Use Xcelerator for Excel?   06/28/2006   01:30
    An overview of how to automatically and identically format new
    data using every major Excel formatting feature and capability!
Using Xcelerator for the First Time  (46 segments) 07/24/2006   24:00
    Watch Xcelerator format new data and create a 15 sheet
    workbook for the very first time in under 15 minutes!
    Printer-ready and now reproducible for new data in 1 minute!
    Includes all of the formatting steps in the Getting Started Tour.
EZ-Calc for Excel Overview  (16 movies segments) 01/19/2006   03:23
    Multiple short in-depth movies covering virtually every feature
EZ-Format for Excel In-Depth  (29 movie segments) 11/19/2005   21:00
    Multiple short in-depth movies covering virtually every feature
EZ-Format for Excel Overview 11/01/2005   01:24
    Quickly and easily add professionally formatted subtotals
Xcelerator Created PivotTables 10/17/2005   03:15
    Creating PivotTables with Xcelerator and comparing to Excel's
Xcelerator Created Subtotals 10/15/2005   03:19
    Creating Subtotals with Xcelerator and comparing to Excel's
Quickly Creating Subtotals 06/01/2005   01:00
Subtotals - Creating and Using 05/26/2005   05:59
Calculated Aging Periods - Creating and Using 05/14/2005   03:18
Xcelerator for SmartList 05/09/2005   07:21
    For use with SmartList in Microsoft Business Solutions Software

All Free Microsoft Excel Videos on DPPI's Microsoft Excel Add-ins and Microsoft Excel Tools are in Flash format and were created with Techsmith's Camtasia Studio.

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