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Add-in for Microsoft® Excel®

Email Excel Workbooks as attachments from Excel.
Emailed Excel Files are sent through Microsoft Outlook.
Email Excel Spreadsheets from both EZ-Split and EZ-Format.

Excel files for emailing can be user created or created using
the "Worksheet Splitting" feature in EZ-Split and EZ-Format.

Email addresses can be embedded in the Excel workbooks or email addresses can be automatically looked up for the data values in a
user-specified field name in the Excel workbooks being emailed.

Dialog for Emailing Excel Workbook Files as Attachments

EZ-Email Emailing Dialog

To automate Emailing Excel Workbooks, specify the following:
  • A folder containing Excel workbooks for emailing.
  • Either the Embedded Email Address or the Linked Email Address method for deriving addresses.
  • The field name to be used to derive "Embedded" or "Linked" email addresses.
  • Which of the displayed Excel workbooks are to be emailed to the associated email addresses.
  • The email subject line.
  • The email body.
  • An optional cc for all emails.

Two methods for deriving addresses when Emailing Excel Files / Workbooks:
  • Extracting embedded email addresses from a specified field within the Excel Workbook file attachments.
  • Using the email addresses in column B of a lookup workbook when there is a match between a value in column A of the lookup workbook and a value in a user-specified field of the Excel Workbook attachments.

Additional EZ-Email Features to Automate Emailing Excel Workbooks:
  • The embedded email address field name or the link field name is selected from an automatic list of field names in all workbooks in the selected attachment folder.
  • Embedded email addresses are automatically extracted from row 2 for the user-selected field name.
  • After a link field name is selected, either the existing link workbook for the field is used or a new empty link workbook for the link field is created.
  • Lookup email addresses are derived by matching the data values on row 2 for the specified field name within the Excel workbooks to data values in column A of the associated Excel lookup workbook.
  • When workbook attachments contain multiple worksheets, the last active worksheet is used to derive email addresses.
    The last active worksheet is the active worksheet at the time the workbook was closed and will be the active worksheet when the workbook is opened.
  • Multiple email addresses can be embedded within the workbook file attachments and can be assigned to data values in the Excel lookup workbooks by separating email addresses with a semi-colon and a space.
  • A permanent lookup workbook is automatically created for each selected lookup field name.
  • The email addresses associated with a field value can be maintained directly within the emailing dialog.
  • Lookup workbooks can also be maintained from within Excel by either directly entering the values and addresses or by cutting and pasting the values and addresses from an existing worksheet.
  • Workbook file attachments can be automatically deleted from the attachment folder after sending emails.
  • All emails and attachments sent through Microsoft Outlook are automatically retained.
  • EZ-Email works with all Excel workbooks where the last active worksheet (a) begins in cell A1 and (b) includes one row of field descriptions.
  • The embedded address field name or link field name can be in any column of row one of the last active worksheet of each attachment workbook.
  • Only Excel workbooks containing the specified field name in row one of the last active worksheet appear in the list of possible workbook attachments for emailing.
  • Excel Workbooks with embedded or linked email addresses in the last active Excel worksheet can be de-selected from automatic emailing.
  • EZ-Email is included free in both EZ-Split and EZ-Format for Excel.
  • Email Excel workbook and Excel Excel spreadsheet files from Excel through Outlook using EZ-Split and EZ-Format.
  • Both EZ-Split and EZ-Format split Excel worksheets and split Excel spreadsheets by selected values in any field creating new workbooks in any Windows folder.
  • EZ-Email is not sold as a separate add-in for Excel, but is included free in both EZ-Split and EZ-Format.


Try EZ-Email for Emailing Excel Worksheets
in the EZ-Split and EZ-Format Add-ins for Excel.

Add-ins Install and Completely Uninstall in Seconds.  Securely Purchase from inside Excel.
Use with Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010 on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista® & Windows 7®.
We recommend running Windows Update for Windows and Office® before installing add-ins.


EZ-Split's Options for Splitting Excel Worksheets
and Emailing Excel Workbook Files as Attachments

EZ-Split Ribbon in Excel 2007 / Excel 2010
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Latest EZ-Split update 04/19/2014


EZ-Format's identical Options for Splitting Excel Spreadsheets
and Emailing Excel Spreadsheet Files as Attachments

EZ-Format Ribbon in Excel 2007 / Excel 2010
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