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EZ-FindAll Add-in for Microsoft Excel

Finds and Displays Rows containing "Any" or "All" of multiple Search Values.
Temporarily hides rows without matches.  Optionally highlights matches.
Automatically displays related subtotal rows and additional user-specified rows.

"Export Visible Rows" creates a new Worksheet of only the visible rows.
Works with any Excel worksheet containing hidden rows.
Retains all formatting, subtotals, outlines and formulas.

Excel's "Find" does not display only matching rows.
Excel "Custom" Filters display matching rows, but are column, not row, oriented,
"And", not "Or", between columns and can not display additional user specified rows.

The EZ-FindAll Ribbon

EZ-FindAll group on the EZ-Free Ribbon.
15-Day EZ-FindAll Trial begins with first use of EZ-FindAll.

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EZ-FindAll Features List


The EZ-FindAll 'Find' Ribbon Icon
The EZ-FindAll 'Find' Ribbon Icons Menu

The EZ-FindAll Dialog

EZ-FindAll Dialog.

  Displays rows containing "Any" (an "OR" search) or "All" (an "AND" Search) of multiple search values, hiding rows "not" containing search values.

    Excel's "Find" is not intended for displaying only those rows with matches and does not support multiple search values.

    Excel "Custom Filters" operate column by column displaying only rows containing at most two search values.  Excel "Custom Filters" are not saved for re-use and editing.

    EZ-FindAll operates row by row searching the specified columns for one or more search values, displaying qualifying rows and also displaying additional user specified rows not containing the search values.

  For each worksheet, EZ-FindAll retains the last 20 unique searches to allow quick re-use of previous search values.

  Specify ranges of rows "never" to hide, guaranteeing titles, field names, descriptions, total rows ... always remain visible.  If checked, related subtotal rows are automatically un-hidden.

  EZ-FindAll sets the initial "Rows to Search" which can be subsequently modified in the "Set Search Areas" dialog.

  EZ-FindAll searches can be within: (a) a single visible column, (b) any combination of visible columns or (c) all visible columns.

  EZ-FindAll "AND" searches are for a minimum of two values.  For each row being searched, the visible columns must contain "All" of the search values in order for the row to be displayed.

    EZ-FindAll "OR" searches can be for a single specified value or any value in a group of specified values.  For each row being searched, the selected search columns must contain at least one of the search values in order for the row to be displayed.

    Multiple search values are specified by placing a semi-colon (";") between values.

  EZ-FindAll searches can be either "Case Sensitive" or "Case Insensitive".

  EZ-FindAll searches for (a) exact matches, (b) contains, (c) starts with or (d) ends with.

  EZ-FindAll searches can be made iterative by "Exporting Visible Rows" either as part of or after a search, and then performing a new search on only the results of the previous search.

  EZ-FindAll does not search hidden rows, hidden columns, subtotal and grand total rows.

  As an option in Subtotaled data, EZ-FindAll exposes / makes visible all subtotal rows related to the rows containing search values even though the subtotal rows do not contain the search values.

  By default, EZ-FindAll searches cell values.  EZ-FindAll can also search cell formulas.

    Searching formulas for [ or ] displays all rows with cell formulas referencing other workbooks.

  Checking "Change Font Color for 'Found' Values" temporarily changes the font color to "Red" to make qualifying cells more prominent.

  Checking "Create New Worksheet" creates a new worksheet of the search results.  An existing search in the original worksheet is cleared.

    Checking "Create New Workbook" creates the new worksheet in a new workbook.  If unchecked, the new worksheet is created in the original workbook.

    Checking "Include Only Visible Rows" "exports only the visible rows" in the original worksheet to the new worksheet prior to executing the Find.

  Users are presented with a list of the hidden rows before searching begins.

    Hidden rows can be temporarily unhidden, rehidden or "Reset" to a different set of rows.

    Rows hidden prior to the beginning of an EZ-FindAll search remain hidden and are not searched.

  "EZ-FindAll" searches can be made"Iterative or Cascading" searches by performing "Export Visible Rows" on the results of one search prior to performing a new search in the worksheet created by "Export Visible Rows."

    "Exporting Visible Rows" between EZ-FindAll searches "Ands" the results of the first search with the results of the second search.

    Each EZ-FindAll search is either an "And" or an "Or" search.


The EZ-FindAll 'Clear Find' Ribbon Icon
The EZ-FindAll 'Clear Find' Ribbon Icon's Menu

  "Clear-FindAll" restores the worksheet to its' original format.

    Rows hidden during EZ-FindAll become visible, the original font color of found cells is restored and rows and columns initially hidden remain hidden.

  "Restore Font Colors" resets the red highlighting font color to its' original value leaving the search results unchanged.

  Prior to performing a "Clear-FindAll", use "Export Visible Rows" to create a new worksheet of the search results retaining all formatting, formulas and subtotal outlines.

  "Clear-FindAll" is automatically performed at the beginning of each new search.

Export Visible Rows

The EZ-FindAll 'Export Visible Rows' Ribbon Icon

  "Export Visible Rows" makes an identically formatted copy of only the visible rows in any active worksheet.

    The new worksheet can be created in the original workbook or in a new workbook.

    The originally active worksheet is never modified by "Export Visible Rows".

    Hidden columns remain hidden and are not deleted by "Export Visible Rows".

Related Sheets

The EZ-FindAll 'Related Sheets' Ribbon Icon

  "Related Sheets" analyzes the active worksheet and displays a List all "Sheets" used by the active worksheet.

  Knowing the worksheets referenced by the active worksheet is important when copying the worksheet to a new workbook.  Copying related worksheets at the same time eliminates external worksheet references.

Set Search Areas

The EZ-FindAll 'Set Search Areas' Ribbon Icon

The EZ-FindAll 'Set Search Areas' Dialog

  Clicking "Preview" selects the columns or rows of the associated search area.

  Click into the worksheet and use the Ctrl Key, the Shift Key and the Left-Mouse Button to select rows or columns before clicking "Reset" in the dialog to reset the selected search area to the currently selected / highlighted worksheet area.

  Clicking "UnHide" unhides and changes the background color of the currently hidden rows.

  Clicking "Hide" resets the background color of what were the hidden rows and rehides those rows.

  Clicking "Continue to EZ-FindAll" closes the "Set Search Areas" dialog and opens the "EZ-FindAll" Search Dialog.

Download EZ-FindAll 15-Day Trial with EZ-Free

and immediately be more productive!

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Additional Information on EZ-Free Features

The EZ-Free Ribbon

EZ-Free is installed with EZ-FindAll and both appear on the same Ribbon and Toolbar.

Works with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Excel.
EZ-FindAll works with Excel 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Used in 25 countries and all 50 states.