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EZ-Format for Microsoft ® Excel ®

Better Formatting, Analysis and Increased Productivity!

Format and Manipulate Data in Ways that are Manually Impossible!
Quickly Format Data Using Excel's Most Popular Features!
Create Reusable Formats for Completely Automatic Formatting!

Mouse-over Ribbon for Tooltips and Click to
Watch "How-to" Video on Highlighted EZ-Format Feature.

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Videos cover all versions of Excel.  Descriptions and Times of all Videos are on the New EZ-Format Movie Page.

EZ-Format Menu - No Video EZ-Format Settings Menu - No Video Delete EZ-Format Formatted Worksheet Automatic 'Default' Formatting of New Data Sort and Subtotal Stats Menu (below) - Quick Stats Video Format for Printing and Print Preview - No Video Standard Print Dialog - No Video Maintain Column Totals Turn Subtotals Off and On, and Remove Subtotals Export Visible Rows - No Video Split Sheet Menu (below) - Split Worksheet Video View Excel Subtotal Outline Levels Select Reusable Worksheet Format Save / Delete Reusable Worksheet Formats - No Video Formula Field Menu (below) - Add Formula Field Video EZ-Format's 8 Excel Style Features Create Excel Conditional Format Sort and Subtotal Field Order Rank / Resort Subtotaled Data Set Field Widths and Wrap Data Drag Reference Data to Subtotal Rows Hide Fields and View Hidden Fields Clear Data Filters and Show Non-Hidden Columns Show Data and Subtotals one Filter Value at a Time Select 'Full Stats' Break Field for Walking - No Video Bold and Shade Subtotal Rows View only Break, Subtotaled and Dragged Fields Filter Views Menu and Reapply Simple Data Filter - No Video Set Break Field 1 Subtotal Row Height

Ribbon and Toolbar Menus with 10 Videos for Major Features.

  Toolbar Icon for 'Stats' Menu
Stats Menu
Choose the Quick Stats video below. Quick Stats Video Range Stats
Video Coming Soon Full Stats
Video Coming Soon Export & Format Full Stats
Video Coming Soon Export Full Stats List
Video Coming Soon Export Full Stats Snapshot
Video Coming Soon Modify Q-Stat Chart Format
Video Coming Soon Restore Q-Stat Chart Default
Video Coming Soon
Quick Stats Video

Toolbar Icon for 'Split Sheet' Menu
Split Sheet Menu
Choose from the three videos below. Split Worksheet by Single Values Video Split Selected Worksheets to New Workbooks Video Split Selected Values to New Worksheet Video Open Split Workbook Folder
Video Coming Soon Set Split Workbook Folder
Video Coming Soon Set Last Title Row
Video Coming Soon Delete All Split Workbooks
Video Coming Soon
Three 'Split Sheet' Videos

Toolbar Icon for 'Formula Field' Menu Formula Field Menu
Choose from the six videos below. Add Formula Field Video Add Reformatted Date Field Video Add Aged Date Field Video Add Conditional Negative Field Video Add Running Total Field Video Add Percent of Total Field Video Modify Formula Field Description
Video Coming Soon Apply Formula to All Detail Rows
Video Coming Soon Delete Formula Field
Video Coming Soon
Six 'Formula Field' Videos

Access the Identical Features from the EZ-Format Toolbar in Excel 2000, XP and 2003.

The EZ-Format Excel Toolbar

New!  Automatically correct Excel bugs in Subtotals Above and Below.
Automatically correcting Excel Subtotal bugs is a FREE feature in XL-Subtotal.
Delete Grand Total rows and Outline Levels created in error,
and create Subtotal Outlines omitted in error.
Toggle between Subtotals Below and Subtotals Above.

New!  Double-click cells to quickly set and unset
the filter value in Lists, Tables and Subtotaled data.

In filtered subtotaled data, related subtotals and grand totals are
automatically unhidden when subtotals are below the data.
Exposing related subtotals and grand totals is impossible to do manually.

New!  Copy only the visible rows in filtered Lists, Tables and
Subtotaled data to a new worksheet retaining all formatting.

Copied subtotaled data retains the Excel subtotal outlines.

New!  Analyze data using any or all of Excel's 25 mathematical formulas.
Analyze Lists, Tables and Subtotaled data without modifying the data.
Analyze data as a whole or broken down by up to four dynamically
selected break fields.  Selected formula calculations are presented in
an easy to read Excel PivotTable.

New!  Create Custom Excel Formula Fields:
Aged Dates, Reformatted Dates, switch values in one column to negative
based on values in another column, Running Total fields
and Percent of Total fields.

Split Lists and Tables by the unique values in any field
creating multiple new Workbooks in seconds!

Selectively exclude List and Table columns when
splitting Lists and Tables beginning in cell A1.

New!  Retain associated PivotTables and PivotCharts
when splitting data in Excel Lists and Excel Tables.

PivotTables and PivotCharts are automatically updated for
the new source data in all new split workbooks.

New!  Use EZ-Email to automatically Email Excel
Workbooks to 'Embedded' and 'Linked' Addresses.

New!  Includes 32 bit and 64 bit versions for Excel 2010 and Excel 2013.

EZ-Format is the Only Add-in For Excel to Automatically
Create Identically Formatted User-Defined Worksheets.

After quickly formatting data, create Re-Usable Worksheet Formats to identically format new data for the same set of fields.

Download 15-Day Trial     Purchase for $49.95

Latest update 04/19/2014

Installs and Completely Uninstalls in Seconds.  Securely Purchase from inside Excel.
Use with Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010 on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista® & Windows 7®.
We recommend running Windows Update for Windows and Office® before installing EZ-Format.

Exclusive Time Saving, Productivity Enhancing Features:

Quick and Easy Formatting Using Excel's Most Popular Features.

User Designed Reusable Formats for 100% Automatic Formatting.

Create Five Custom Fields and User-Defined Excel Formula Fields.

Better Formatted Subtotals are Easy to Create, Modify and Manipulate.

Subtotal Rows are exposed when Excel Data Filters are set.

Resort or Rank Subtotaled Data by the Subtotal Amounts.

Split Column-Totaled and Subtotaled Data by Values in any Field.

New!  Selectively exclude columns from split worksheets / workbooks.

Export Visible Worksheet Rows retaining All Formatting.

Export Subtotals for any Break Field to Create Excel Charts.

Instantly Analyze Data using Excel's 29 Standard Formulas.

Use EZ-Format with manually maintained data,
database exports, Site Server exports,
Dynamics GP SmartList exports ... all Excel data.

Licensed by User and by Enterprise Versions of Office.