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EZ-GP Add-in for Microsoft® Excel® and
Microsoft Dynamics
 GP SmartList

Export Great Plains SmartList data to Excel up to 100 times faster!
Simply click the standard Excel Export Option from within SmartList.

EZ-GP for Excel works with Microsoft Dynamics GP Versions 6 and greater.

NEW!   Watch EZ-GP export 10,000 SmartList records in 10 seconds.

SmartList takes 23 minutes to export the same 10,000 records - over 130 times longer.

Download 15-Day Trial    Purchase for $39.95

Latest update 01/08/2012

Installs and Completely Uninstalls in Seconds.  Securely Purchase from inside Excel.
Use with Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010 on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista® & Windows 7®.
We recommend running Windows Update for Windows and Office® before installing EZ-GP.

Complement EZ-GP with EZ-Format for Excel for the Automatic Creation of 100% Identically Formatted Excel Worksheets In Seconds

EZ-Format now includes 'Aged Date', 'Percent of Total', 'Running Total', 'Conditional Negative' and 'Re-formatted Date' Custom Excel Formula Fields!

EZ-Format's New Custom Excel Formula Fields
Each Custom Excel Formula Field was Created in Several Clicks!

Reduce the time spent formatting and analyzing data by over 75%.
Utilize more of Excel's powerful features and create better formatted workbooks.

EZ-Format™ for Microsoft Excel - $49.95
  • Create better formatted printer-ready worksheets in seconds!
  • Includes: one dozen Subtotaling enhancements, Statistics, Splitting Data by Value,
    Viewing All Data for a Single Value, Exporting only currently Visible Data ...
    over three dozen time-saving formatting and analysis features.
  • Includes the custom "Conditional Negative" Excel Formula Field for converting positive numbers to negative numbers based on the values in a second field!

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