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Add-in for Microsoft® Excel®

Xcelerator Created Workbook Automatically Formatted in less than 60 Seconds

Only Xcelerator for Excel
Completely Automates Excel Formatting,
Creating Identically Formatted Workbooks
Utilizing Major Excel Formatting Features

Windows Vista® and Microsoft® Office 2007 Compatible

Download 15-Day Trial    Purchase for $99.95

Latest update 09/28/2011

Installs and Completely Uninstalls in Seconds.  Securely Purchase from inside Excel.
Use with Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010 on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista® & Windows 7®.
We recommend running Windows Update for Windows and Office® before installing Xcelerator.

Partial List of the Excel Formatting Features
Automated and Enhanced by Xcelerator

Data Filters
Column Totals
Subtotals (Corrects Bugs)
Conditional Formats
Page Formatting
Excel Formula Fields
Hiding Fields
Re-ordering Fields
Auto-sizing Columns
Wrapping Data
Substituting Descriptions
PivotTable Drills
Splitting Worksheets
Formatting Fewer Fields
Exporting Subsets of Data

Pure Excel
No Excel Macros
No Macro Security Issues
Excel® 2000 XP 2003 2007
Windows NT® 2000 XP
2003-Server Vista®
Call about Citrix and
Windows Terminal Server

Use Xcelerator with (a) data imported into Excel,
(b) data exported to Excel and with (c) manually maintained data.

For new sets of fields Xcelerator creates a "Default" workbook format.
Copy and modify workbook formats to create new workbook formats.

For previously formatted fields you are asked to select from the list of workbook formats (Templates) applicable to only the current set of fields.

In seconds Xcelerator automatically creates an identically formatted
printer-ready Excel workbook incorporating any of the above Excel features!

Do absolutely NOTHING to your data
before formatting the data with Xcelerator!

Unless you are formatting manually maintained data,
you should never have to modify your data before formatting
unless your data is not currently an Excel List.

Xcelerator's Paradigm for Formatting in Excel!
Save time by completely automating the creation of
Excel workbooks utilizing the major features of Excel.

Step 1
Try Xcelerator Free for 15-days!

Run the Automated Demos to Experience Xcelerator's many Features.
Xcelerator Installs and Completely Uninstalls in seconds.
Updates and Enhancements are Free Forever.

Step 2
Format new fields and create re-usable Xcelerator workbook formats
in a fraction of the time it takes to manually format data using only Excel.

Unlike Excel Templates, Xcelerator Formats are completely automatic.

Use all major Excel formatting features, including creating:
Excel Formula Fields, better Excel Subtotals, Charts, and PivotTables!

Xcelerator's Excel Workbook formatting features are similar to the
formatting features found in
EZ-Format, EZ-Chart, EZ-Pivot and EZ-Calc
except in Xcelerator they are integrated and reproducible for new data.

Step 3
Re-use formats to create identically formatted workbooks in seconds!

Step 4
Use the many Xcelerator enhanced Excel Data Analysis features!

Step 5
Purchase Xcelerator from within Excel for $99.95

Xcelerator automatically self-registers when purchased from within Excel.

Xcelerator increases your ability to effectively use Excel.

Save time and utilize more Excel features by automating Excel with Xcelerator!

Try Xcelerator to experience totally automatic Excel formatting!
15-Day Trial

"Why Use Xcelerator?" Flash Video
View an Excel workbook created by Xcelerator in just seconds.

Exclusive Xcelerator Features and "How to Use" Tips

Xcelerator never modifies the original data being formatted.
Unless the original data is being maintained inside an Xcelerator created workbook, Xcelerator will always create a new workbook separate from the workbook containing the data being formatted.
An automatic copy of the original data is made prior to formatting and is included in the Xcelerator created workbook in a hidden worksheet.
Xcelerator automatically substitutes user-defined output field descriptions as part of the formatting process - the input field descriptions of the original data are not changed.
Xcelerator automatically sets the Excel number format (text, date, number, currency ...) and alignment of each field when formatting a set of fields for the first time.
This information is used to create and assign Excel Styles for each field in the first "Default" Xcelerator workbook and workbook format for a new set of fields.
Users can initially set and subsequently maintain the default number format, alignment and output description of each field.
"Quick Stats" instantly calculates Sum, Minimum, Maximum, Average, Median, Count, StdDev and StdDevp, for one or more numeric fields, for all data rows or for only the data rows for one selected non-numeric value.
Xcelerator automatically creates user-customized embedded and separate Excel Charts from Chart Data automatically summarized and assigned by Xcelerator.
Xcelerator automatically creates better formatted Excel PivotTables and PivotCharts with each PivotTable having its' own user-defined "Drill" worksheet format.
For Drills: hide columns, reorder columns, total columns (Sum or Count), Sort, set Print Orientation, and modify each field's automatically created and assigned Excel Style.
Export all columns or only visible columns of any Drill worksheet to a new workbook.
Use Xcelerator's "Date Aging" and "Reformatted Date" custom Excel Formula Fields in Charts and PivotTables.
Split one worksheet into multiple worksheets, into one new workbook or into multiple new workbooks, for all values or for only selected values in any non-numeric field.
Reapply subtotals when splitting an Xcelerator created and formatted data worksheet.
Export data from Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList at speeds over 100 times faster than the standard SmartList export, and automatically format the data with Xcelerator.
Use Xcelerator's "Conditional Negative" custom Excel Formula Field to conditionally change the sign of the numeric data in one column to negative based on the values in a corresponding cell in another column.
For each field create and automatically apply Excel Conditional Formats to "Data" cells and to "Subtotal" cells at each subtotal break level.
Conditional Formats can be toggled on and off in real-time.
"Bold" and "Gradient" shade subtotal rows that can contain a mix of Sums, Counts (any of the 11 standard Excel subtotal types) and Excel formulas.
Mixing Excel subtotal types and using Excel formulas (for percent and average fields) in every subtotal row is not possible using only Excel.
Mixing reduces the number of subtotal outline levels / subtotal rows by at least 50%.
When you request Xcelerator format an entire set of fields, Xcelerator automatically finds and displays a list of user-created workbook formats from which to choose.
When you request Xcelerator format fewer than all the fields in the data, Xcelerator automatically finds and displays the groups of fields for which formats already exist.
You can select to format one of the existing groups of fields for which formats exist or you can select a new subset of fields to format for the first time.
Xcelerator relies exclusively on the use of Excel Styles to format every cell.
An Excel Style is automatically created for each field.
Xcelerator automatically assigns the appropriate Excel Styles to the data throughout the Xcelerator created workbook.
In Xcelerator created workbooks always modify the Excel Style of the data using the Xcelerator "Excel Style" option on the right-click menu in the "Formatted Data" worksheet.
In Xcelerator created workbooks do not use the Excel cell formatiing features found on the Excel "Formatting" toolbar, "Edit" menu and "Cell" right-click menu.
Xcelerator corrects Excel Subtotaling Bugs in the last Subtotal and Grand Total Rows.
Xcelerator can re-sort / rank subtotaled data by the subtotals of any field.
For example, if your were to create "Sales Amount" subtotals by Salesman Name and Product Line, you can resort the subtotaled data by the "Sales Amount" subtotals in descending order to show Salesmen from highest to lowest "Sales Amount" and within Salesmen Product Lines from highest to lowest "Sales Amount".
Xcelerator created workbooks are "Pure" Excel workbooks that could be manually created with very considerable time and effort.
Xcelerator created workbooks can be shared with non-Xcelerator Excel Users.
To non-Xcelerator users Xcelerator workbooks are like any other Excel workbook.
Xcelerator created workbooks can be shared with other Xcelerator users.
When an Xcelerator formatted workbook is opened on another computer having Xcelerator, the Xcelerator workbook format is automtically absorbed into Xcelerator on the new system.
To maximize the benefits of Xcelerator minimize making manual changes to the data you want Xcelerator to format.
Use Xcelerator to select fewer fields to format.
Use Xcelerator to automatically change field descriptions.
Use Xcelerator to create all Excel formula fields.
Do not use Excel cell formatting tools; change the Xcelerator created Excel Styles to change the format of all similar cells as a group.
Use the Xcelerator provided dialogs and methods for: Subtotaling, Sorting, Conditional Formats, hiding columns, re-ordering columns, changing field descriptions, maintaining Excel Styles, creating Charts, creating PivotTables, creating PivotCharts and creating PivotTable Drills.
Xcelerator dialogs and methods are wrapped in code to allow changes to be immediately implemented and to be saved for subsequent re-use.
Watch the movies and experiment with Xcelerator.
Suggestion: To save time when creating new Xcelerator workbook formats use small record sets instead of thousands of records.

Xcelerator includes
EZ-Split , EZ-GP and EZ-Stat's Quick-Stats.

Movie Title   Released Runtime

Create "Aged Date" Fields for use in Excel PivotTables   08/09/2008   04:35
    Create over 20 different "Aged Date" and "Reformatted Date"
    Fields for use in creating PivotTables with Excel or EZ-Pivot.
    (Similar to Xcelerator's ability to create Aged Dates.)
Auto Formatting Excel PivotTable Drill Worksheets   08/08/2008   05:30
    Use EZ-Pivot and Xcelerator to Auto Format Excel
    PivotTable Drill Worksheets in Drill enabled PivotTables.
    (Identical to Xcelerator's ability to format PivotTable Drills.)
Sort and Rank Subtotaled Data by any Fields Subtotals   08/06/2008   03:30
    For easier Data Analysis Sort and Rank Subtotaled Data by the
    Subtotal Amounts of any field using EZ-Format and Xcelerator.
    (Identical to Xcelerator's ability to sort subtotaled data.)
Dragging Reference / Constant Data to Excel Subtotal Rows   08/04/2008   02:50
    See how to quickly drag Reference Data / Constant Data to
    Excel Subtotal rows using EZ-Format and Xcelerator.
    (Identical to Xcelerator's ability to drag reference data.)
EZ-Splits's Quick and Easy Worksheet Splitting Features   07/23/2008   03:11
    See how to quickly and easily split one worksheet into multiple
    worksheets in either one workbook or into multiple workbooks.
    (Identical to Xcelerator's ability to split worksheets.)
EZ-Format's Better Excel Subtotals Video No. 1   07/22/2008   03:21
    See EZ-Format quickly and easily create better formatted Excel
    Subtotals plus seven of over three dozen Excel enhancements.
    (Identical to Xcelerator's ability to create better subtotals.)
Why Use Xcelerator for Excel?   06/28/2006   01:30
    An overview of why use Xcelerator for Excel.
Using Xcelerator for the First Time  (46 segments) 07/24/2006   24:00
    Watch Xcelerator format new data and create a 15 sheet
    workbook for the very first time in under 15 minutes!
    Printer-ready and now reproducible for new data in 1 minute!
    Includes all of the formatting steps in the Getting Started Tour.
Xcelerator Created PivotTables 10/17/2005   03:15
    Creating PivotTables with Xcelerator and comparing to Excel.
Xcelerator Created Subtotals 10/15/2005   03:19
    Creating Subtotals with Xcelerator and comparing to Excel.