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EZ-Pivot for Microsoft® Excel®
Add-in for Excel for Making Automatically Formatted
Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Pivot Charts, and
Automatically Formatted PivotTable Drill Worksheets

Click to view larger image of PivotTable for Sales and Owed Amounts by State, City and Aged Dates created in the first automatic demo.
Formatted PivotTable Created
in first EZ-Pivot Automatic Demo.

Create Aged Date and Excel PivotTable with EZ-Pivot
08/09/2008 04:35
Video using "Aged Date"
in Excel PivotTable

Auto Formatting Excel PivotTable Drill Worksheets
08/08/2008 05:30
Video on Automatically
Formatting Excel Drills

New! Completely Automatic Formatting of All Drills.
Quickly Format Drills and Transparently Save Formats
for automatic re-use with all new Drill Worksheets!

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Automatic Drill Worksheet Formatting Features

Automatic Drill Formatting occurs immediately after double-clicking any PivotTable Amount.

Excel Styles
Data Filters
Column Totals
Hidden Fields
Re-ordered Fields
Fixed Column Widths
Wrapped Data
Column Widths
Maximum Column Width
and Data Wrapping
Field Description
Export All Columns
Export Visible Columns
Set Print Orientation
Percents display as
Percents, not Decimals
Currency displays as
Currency, not Numbers
One Format
per PivotTable

EZ-Pivot's re-usable automatic Drill Worksheet Formats are retained for the life of the Source Data.
Use EZ-Format to create Permanent Re-Usable Drill Worksheet Formats with additional formatting capabilities and that are completely independent of the life of the PivotTables and Source Data.

Download 15-Day Trial    Purchase for $39.95

Latest update 04/18/2014

Installs and Completely Uninstalls in Seconds.  Securely Purchase from inside Excel.
Use with Excel 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 & 2010 on Windows® 2000, XP, Vista® & Windows 7®.
We recommend running Windows Update for Windows and Office® before installing EZ-Pivot.

New!  Use EZ-Format for Permanent Drill Formats.
EZ-Format includes additional Drill Formatting Capabilities
and Drill Worksheet Formats are Permanently Saved!

Create Permanent Re-Usable Drill Worksheet Formats that are independent of the PivotTables.

Great for use with all PivotTables periodically built from new data for the same source fields.

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Why Use EZ-Pivot for Excel?
To Quickly Create Formatted PivotTables, PivotCharts and Drill Worksheets
Excel only created Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Drill Worksheets are virtually unformatted.
Best Add-ins for Excel for creating formatted PivotTables, PivotCharts and Drill worksheets.
Highly rated Add-ins for Excel for making PivotTables, PivotCharts PivotTable Drills!

As seen on Microsoft Office Marketplace and CNET

Watch the EZ-Pivot Flash Video

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What is an Excel Pivot Table?
Excel's most powerful feature and Excel's least understood feature!
Pivot Table worksheets include Filter, Break, Spread and Subtotaled fields without detail data.
Subtotaled worksheets have Break (Row) and Subtotaled (Data) fields and include detail data.
PivotTables have extra Filter (Page) and Spread (Column) fields and Drill worksheets for detail data.

Screen Shots and Descriptions of Features
for Making Formatted Excel Pivot Tables,
Pivot Charts and PivotTable Drill Worksheets!

Screen shots include enhancements for Making and Formatting Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.

EZ-Pivot makes and uses an automatic copy of the Excel data.
Subtotals, if any, are removed and the new worksheet is hidden.
The automatic copy is assigned as the PivotTable source data
and is used to create PivotTables, PivotCharts and Drill Worksheets.

It is easier to make Pivot Tables when using an automatic copy of an Excel List.
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This Excel List was used to create the following
Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Pivot Charts and Drill Worksheets.

When using EZ-Pivot the original data used to create a Pivot Table can be subtotaled and filtered.

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Excel's minimally formatted Pivot Table
manually created using only Excel.

The columns are not optimally auto-sized and the data column descriptions are left justified.

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An EZ-Pivot automatically formatted Pivot Table.
The columns are optimatlly auto-sized and several descriptions have been automatically wrapped.
The 'Data' descriptions in column B have been automatically shortened.
The data amounts have been optionally banded for easier viewing.
All Pivot Table regions have been formatted per the user-modifiable settings.

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The identical EZ-Pivot created Pivot Table
with minimal background coloring.

In several clicks remove or apply the backgound patterns of all Pivot Table regions.

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Excel's Pivot Table Options Dialog
as set for EZ-Pivot created PivotTables

Note that 'Enable drill to details' has been automatically checked.
Note that 'Page Layout' has been changed to the more practical 'Over, Then Down' setting.
For some PivotTable data sources 'Enable drill to details' is not available.
'Enable drill to details' is always available for 'Excel List' PivotTable data sources.
If double left-clicking a PivotTable amount does not create a Drill worksheet
right-click in the PivotTable, select 'Table Options' and verify the setting is checked.

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An Excel only created Pivot Table Drill
worksheet with Excel's minimal formatting.

Columns are not optimally auto-sized, and none of the field descriptions are wrapped.
The cell format for most fields is 'General' and the horizontal alignment is either left or right.
Notice that 'Pct of Sale' data displays as decimal numbers rather than as the original Percents.
The rows and columns are in the same order as the data source, and there are no column totals.

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An EZ-Pivot automatically formatted Pivot Table Drill
worksheet with EZ-Pivot's default formatting.

Columns are optimally auto-sized, and several of the field descriptions are wrapped.
The cell number format and the alignment of the data cells matches the original data.
Notice that the 'Pct of Sale' data displays as Percents and not as decimals.
The columns are initially in the same order as the source data.
The fields in the 'Data' region of the Pivot Table are column totaled to match the Pivot Table.
The data is initially sorted in ascending order by the Page, Row and Column fields.

<<  <  >  >>
The same EZ-Pivot created Pivot Table Drill
Worksheet after being quickly customized.

The column order has been changed to move State and City to the far left.
The "Days From ..." field has been moved to the left next to 'Date Entered'.
The automatically created and applied Excel Style for State has been modified.
The Address field has been hidden.  A 'Count' of the number of 'Names' has been created.

Drill Worksheet format customizations are automatically re-used!

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A copy of the visible columns of the Drill
Worksheet exported to a new workbook.

Notice that the hidden 'Address' column 'D' has been removed from the exported Drill worksheet.

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Print Preview of a Separate Pivot Chart created by EZ-Pivot.
Notice the user-definable Page Header and Page Footer with optional Company and User Names.

<<  <  >  >>
Print Preview of an Embedded Pivot Chart created by EZ-Pivot.
The Embedded Pivot Chart object is formatted for printing in addition to the Pivot Table worksheet.

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The Right-Click Menu Options from inside an EZ-Pivot PivotTable.
Easily maintain the formatting of EZ-Pivot created PivotTables by using the Right-Click Menu.

<<  <  >  >>
The 'EZ-Pivot Utilities' Menu on the EZ-Pivot Toolbar.
These EZ-Pivot options are in addition to the Right-Click Menu options.

<<  <  >  >>
Easily select a field for the EZ-Pivot 'Walking' Feature.
Use the Up and Down Arrows to re-display the PivotTable for the Previous or Next value in the field.

<<  <  >  >>
EZ-Pivot Right-Click Menu options for Drill Worksheets.
Other than for Sorting Drill Data, this menu provides every Drill Worksheet option.
All changes to the Drill Worksheet format, including sort order, are retained for automatic re-use.

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EZ-Pivot Dialog for Hiding and Un-Hiding Drill Worksheet Fields.
Quickly and easily hide and un-hide multiple Drill Worksheet columns at one time.

<<  <  >  >>
EZ-Pivot Dialog for Re-Ordering Drill Worksheet Fields.
Quickly and easily re-order all of the fields in a PivotTable Drill Worksheet

<<  <  >  >>
EZ-Pivot Confirmation Dialog for Setting
the 'Drill' Default Maximum Column Width.

Set the default maximum column width
to be used when Drill data exceeds this width.
You can also set a fixed column width, with or
without wrapping excess data to additional lines.

EZ-Pivot Dialog for Maintaining
Substitute Field Description for Drills.

For each PivotTable create 'Subtstitute Field Descriptions'
that are automaticlly used as Drill worksheets are being formatted.
In this example we might want to use 'City' as the Substitute Field Description.

<<  <  >  >>
EZ-Pivot Menu on the Excel Menu Bar.
These Menu options are less frequently used than the options
on the Right-Click menus and the EZ-Pivot Toolbar Menus.

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Did you know?

   •    You can use EZ-Pivot to repetitively and automatically format Drill Worksheets for all Pivot Tables supporting the Drill feature.
   •    Not every Excel Pivot Table supports the Excel Drill feature - the ability to Drill depends on the source of the Pivot Table data.
   •    Pivot Tables do not have to be created and formatted by EZ-Pivot in order to use EZ-Pivot to automatically and repetitively format Drill Worksheets.
   •    You can quickly add better formatted Excel subtotals to Drill worksheets using EZ-Format for Excel.
   •    With EZ-Pivot installed you can use EZ-Split to quickly split a worksheet into multiple worksheets / multiple workbooks.
   •    EZ-Split is free with the purchase of EZ-Pivot, EZ-Format and EZ-Chart, but it must be installed separately.
   •    You can use EZ-Stat's 'Full Stats' feature to quickly calculate up to 25 different Excel functions for up to four break fields.
   •    Excel created Pivot Tables are limited to Excel's 11 subtotal functions for calculated fields - Excel created Pivot Tables can not include the useful Excel 'Mean' function.
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Use EZ-Pivot to convert EZ-Charts to Pivot Tables
and Pivot Charts and "Drill" into the chart data!

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EZ-Pivot Creates Aged Date and Reformatted Date
Excel Formula Fields for use in Excel PivotTables

Quickly and easily create these practical Excel Formula Fields in the original Excel worksheet.

One Example.  Create Year and Month Reformatted Dates for a PivotTable of Sales by Year and Month.

More on "Aged Date" and "Reformatted Date" Excel Formulas on the EZ-Calc Product Page.

Examples of the seven different 'From' Date Agings EZ-Pivot creates.
Age Dates 'From' a date or 'To' a date and specify a cutoff overflow for non-Accounting Agings.

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Examples of the twelve different Reformatted Date fields EZ-Pivot creates.
Months and Days in all Reformatted Date formats are zero filled to allow for proper sorting.

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What is an Excel Pivot Table?

This is an EZ-Pivot created and formatted Pivot Table.
'State' is the Pivot Table 'Page' Region Field.  'City' is the Pivot Table 'Row' Region Field.
'Days from 11/12/2007' is the Pivot Table 'Column' Field.
'Sales Amt' and 'Owed Amt' are the Pivot Table 'Data' Region Fields.

<<  <  >  >>
Definition of an Excel Pivot Table and
General Characteristics of Excel Pivot Tables.

   •    Think of an Excel Pivot Table as a more flexibly formatted, subtotaled worksheet without any detail data.
   •    When making a Pivot Table Excel calculates subtotals for specified 'Data' fields (Sales Amt and Owed Amt) with subtotal breaks for each 'Row' field (City) and for each 'Column' field (Days from 11/12/2007), and then formats the subtotals into either a one or two dimensional array of Rows and Columns.
   •    'Page' Region fields (State) are used solely as 'Data Filters' for viewing the subtotals of either all 'Page' field values or only the currently selected 'Page' field value.
   •    Pivot Table Subtotals are displayed in the specified row and column order, with optional row and column grand totals.
   •    When creating Excel Pivot Tables you can specify the same category or non-numeric fields you would use when defining subtotal breaks.
   •    You can also specify the same fields for calculating the subtotals at each break.
   •    Unlike Excel's row only oriented subtotal break fields, Pivot Table break fields can be formatted as both rows and columns.
   •    Pivot Table 'Column' fields automatically spread the subtotals across the worksheet into multiple columns for each field.
   •    Hint: Format a field to be a Pivot Table 'Column' field only when it has a very limited number of unique values.
   •    Each unique value in a Pivot Table 'Column' field becomes its' own column, so a column field with 8 unique values creates 8 actual Pivot Table columns.
   •    If you were to define a second 'Column' field having 4 unique values you would have a total of 32 columns of subtotals in the Pivot Table.
<<  <  >  >>
   •    Pivot Tables have four distinct Regions: Page, Row, Column and Data.
   •    Data is the Region in which you place the numeric and non-numeric fields being subtotaled.
   •    By default, Excel produces 'Sum' subtotals for all numeric 'Data' fields.
   •    By default, Excel produces 'Count' subtotals for all non-numeric 'Data' fields.
   •    Excel Pivot Tables use the same eleven 'Subtotal' types used by Excel's Subtotaling feature: Sum, Count, Count Nums, Min, Max, Average, Product, StdDev, StdDevp, Var, and Varp.
   •    To create a Pivot Table there must be at least one 'Data' field.
   •    The use of Pivot Table Page, Row and Column Regions is entirely optional.
   •    Page, Row and Column Regions should be used for non-numeric fields.
   •    Page, Row and Column fields are sometimes referred to as 'Category' fields.
   •    Unlike Excel only created subtotals that do not work well with Excel Data 'Filters', you can define one or more fields for filtering the Pivot Table subtotaled data.
   •    Page fields are used to 'Filter' Pivot Table data; they are not used to define Subtotal Breaks.
   •    When using Page Fields you can view either all of the data or only the data for the currently selected Page Field value.
   •    When using Page Fields Excel does not calculate and does not display subtotals for the individual Page field values.
<<  <  >  >>
   •    However, if you 'Filter' to a single Page Field value you will see the subtotals for just that one value.
   •    If you want to simultaneously view subtotals for each unique value in a field, you need to make that field either a Row field or a Column field.
   •    Row and Column fields are non-numeric category fields, and they are exactly the same as the subtotal break fields used to create Excel subtotals.
   •    The order of the fields within the Row and Column Regions defines the subtotaling hierarchy.
   •    Row fields are higher in the subtotaling hierarchy than are Column fields, and within each Region there is also a hierarchy.
   •    Page, Row and Column Regions can contain from zero to multiple non-numeric fields.
   •    Just like with Excel subtotaling, a non-numeric field can only be used once in the subtotaling hierarchy.
   •    Remember that Pivot Tables only contain subtotal information without any underlying detail data.
   •    The Pivot Table 'Drill' option provides the ability to view the detail records making up any subtotal within the Pivot Table.
   •    When the Pivot Table option to 'Drill' is turned on, simply double left-click any Pivot Table subtotal, row total or column total to produce a Drill worksheet containing all of the underlying data making up that total.
   •    Separate and Embedded Pivot Charts are used to view Pivot Table data in a graphical format.
   •    Pivot Charts automatically adjust to display only the currently visible data in the associated Pivot Table.
   •    Pivot Charts are most beneficial when there is a limited amount of summary information and only one, or perhaps two, Row and Column fields.
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Why use EZ-Pivot for Excel?

To enhance Excel Pivot Table creation and use!

   •    As with many Excel features, there is always room for improvement and for reducing the time it takes to use the feature.
   •    Like being able to create PivotTables from subtotaled and filtered worksheet data!
   •    Like faster and better automatic formatting of Pivot Tables and Drill Worksheets!
   •    Why should you have to remove subtotals from an existing worksheet in order to create a PivotTable?
   •    Why should you have to delete records from a worksheet in order to exclude the records from a PivotTable?
   •    Why can't you hide records using Excel Data Filters and then create a PivotTable from only the visible detail data in the worksheet?
   •    Why does it have to be so time-consuming to format PivotTables and Drill worksheets for better viewing, printing and data analysis?
   •    Why can't the default formatting or PivotTables and Drill worksheets be better right from the start?
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Excel Pivot Table and Excel Pivot Chart
Creation and Formatting Restrictions and Deficiencies.

   •    When creating Excel Pivot Tables the source data cannot be subtotaled.
   •    Hidden rows in the source data are always included in Pivot Table calculated subtotals.
   •    The number format of the source data fields are not used to format PivotTable Data fields.
   •    Excel Pivot Tables are virtually unformatted.
   •    Pivot Table Columns are wider than they need to be.
   •    Long Pivot Table Descriptions are not wrapped to narrow the column's width.
   •    Pivot Tables are not printer-ready.
   •    Separate Pivot Charts are not printer-ready.
   •    Embedded Pivot Charts are not printer-ready.
   •    Viewing individual Page, Row and Column values is a tedious process.
   •    Pivot Table and Pivot Chart formatting is time-consuming.
   •    It is difficult to export PivotTables and PivotCharts without the underlying source data; i.e. convert the PivotTable to a standard Excel Worksheet and the PivotChart to a standard Excel Chart.
   •    Note: EZ-Pivot overcomes these Excel Pivot Table Deficiencies.
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Excel Pivot Table Drill Worksheet
Creation and Formatting Restrictions and Deficiencies.

   •    Excel Pivot Table Drill worksheets are virtually unformatted.
   •    The only Drill worksheet formatting performed by Excel is the auto-sizing of the column widths.
   •    All Drill worksheet fields use Excel's 'Normal' Style which is 'General' number format and 'General' horizontal alignment.
   •    Drill worksheet number formats do not match the original data or the Pivot Table format, not even for the 'Data' Region fields.
   •    Number and dollar values display to their last significant digit.
   •    Dates do display as dates, but percents display as decimals.
   •    Field Descriptions are never wrapped to optimally auto-size columns for both viewing and printing.
   •    Drill worksheets display all source data fields, some of which may not be needed.
   •    Drill worksheet columns are in the same order as the source data which may not be the most appropriate order for viewing and printing.
   •    Drill worksheet data is not sorted which may not be the most appropriate order for viewing and printing.
   •    Drill worksheets do not automatically include column totals for any fields; not even the 'Data' Region fields.
   •    Drill worksheets are not printer-ready.
   •    Drill worksheet formatting is time-consuming and completely non-reusable for new Drill's created from the same Pivot Table.
   •    It is difficult to export only the visible data in a PivotTable Drill worksheet to a new workbook; i.e. you may not want other users to have access to all of the fields in the PivotTable source data.
   •    Note: EZ-Pivot overcomes these Excel Drill Worksheet Deficiencies.
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EZ-Pivot's Time Saving Features for creating Excel
Pivot Tables, Excel Pivot Charts and Drill Worksheets

 •  Create multiple Excel Pivot Tables, Excel Pivot Charts and Drill Worksheets from each original data worksheet
 •  Workbooks can contain multiple original data worksheets to be used for creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
 •  EZ-Pivot never modifies the original data Worksheets when creating Excel Pivot Tables and Excel Pivot Charts
 •  EZ-Pivot always makes an automatic copy of the original data worksheet for use in creating Excel Pivot Tables
 •  If Excel subtotals are present in the original data worksheet the subtotals are removed from the automatic copy
 •  Unlike Excel, EZ-Pivot can create Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts without modifying subtotaled original data
 •  Subtotals in the original data worksheet can be Excel created, EZ-Format created or Xcelerator created
 •  Unlike Excel, EZ-Pivot can create Excel Pivot Tables and Excel Pivot Charts using only visible detail data
 •  Excel includes both hidden and un-hidden source data rows when creating Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
 •  Hidden rows in an original data worksheet can be optionally deleted from EZ-Pivot's automatically created copy
 •  EZ-Pivot easily switches between using all of the original data and using only the currently visible data
 •  Automatically creating and maintaining a separate Pivot Table source data worksheet is an exclusive feature
 •  The source data for all EZ-Pivot created Pivot Tables is automatically maintained in separate worksheets
 •  EZ-Pivot automatically assigns the separate EZ-Pivot created worksheet as the Pivot Table data source
 •  EZ-Pivot maintains only one copy of an original data worksheet for use by one or more Excel Pivot Tables
 •  The automatically maintained copy is easily refreshed to reflect changes in the original data worksheet
 •  When the automatically maintained copy is refreshed all Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts are also refreshed
 •  The EZ-Pivot created copy of an original worksheet is automatically deleted when it is no longer being used
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 •  EZ-Pivot allows fields to be pre-selected for each of the four possible Pivot Table regions
 •  EZ-Pivot automatically creates the Pivot Table if a sufficient number of fields and regions are pre-selected
 •  If an insuffient number of fields are pre-selected EZ-Pivot automatically opens the Pivot Table Layout form
 •  For each original data worksheet EZ-Pivot automatically saves the region fields for the last Pivot Table created
 •  In EZ-Pivot Pivot Tables 'Data' region fields are automatically formatted using the format of the original data
 •  EZ-Pivot Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Drill worksheets are automatically formatted for viewing and printing
 •  EZ-Pivot Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Drill Worksheets have a user-modifiable page header and page footer
 •  EZ-Pivot optimally auto-sizes PivotTable columns to reduce the overall Pivot Table width
 •  EZ-Pivot switches between the longer standard Excel 'Data' region descriptions and shorter descriptions
 •  User modifiable Pivot Table region formats for color, font and alignment are automatically applied
 •  Preferences for the font, alignment and color of Pivot Table regions are easily maintained and saved for re-use
 •  The Pivot Table data region can be 'Banded' for easier viewing of the PivotTable data
 •  The print and region formatting of an EZ-Pivot created PivotTable can be refreshed with one click
 •  Pivot Table and Pivot Chart snapshots can be exported without the underlying Pivot Table source data
 •  With EZ-Pivot a single click walks the individual values in any Pivot Table Page, Row, Column or Data field
 •  EZ-Pivot converts Excel only created Pivot Tables to EZ-Pivot formatted Pivot Tables in two clicks
 •  Convert EZ-Chart created Charts to EZ-Pivot Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts and Drill into the chart data
<<  <  >  >>
 •  Create printer-ready embedded Pivot Charts and printer-ready separate Pivot Charts in two clicks
 •  Users can modify the re-usable default Chart formats for both the separate and embedded Pivot Charts
 •  Easily display and hide the Pivot Table region drop downs from EZ-Pivot created Pivot Charts
 •  Walk the currently selected Pivot Table region's data values directly from inside the separate Pivot Chart

 •  Drill worksheets for EZ-Pivot created Pivot Tables are automatically formatted for printing and viewing
 •  Excel only created Drill worksheets are unformatted, include all fields, have no totals, and are unsorted
 •  Excel only created Drill worksheets are not printer-ready and do not include a Page Header or Page Footer
 •  EZ-Pivot' s re-usable Drill worksheet formats specify sorts, totals, hidden columns and column order
 •  EZ-Pivot's re-usable Drill worksheet formats are user-defined for each Pivot Table
 •  EZ-Pivot created Drill worksheets are printer-ready with a user-definable print orientation
 •  EZ-Pivot automatically creates and assigns user maintainable Excel Styles for all Drill fields
 •  The EZ-Pivot Drill Worksheet Excel Styles are initially created using the cell format of the original data
 •  Except for 'Date' fields, Excel only created Drill worksheets format all cells as 'General'
 •  EZ-Pivot created Drill worksheets reorder, hide, sort and total the automatically styled worksheet fields
 •  Excel only created Drill worksheets display all columns in their original order and with no column totals
 •  EZ-Pivot creates column totals of the same Excel type for all fields appearing in the Pivot Table 'Data' region
 •  By default EZ-Pivot Drill worksheets are sorted by the Page, Row and Column fields in ascending order
 •  EZ-Pivot formatted Drill worksheets can also be defined for and used with Excel only created Pivot Tables
 •  Two clicks exports all Drill columns or only visible Drill columns to a new printer-ready workbook
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 •  EZ-Pivot works with Microsoft Excel 2000 / XP / 2003 /2007 on Microsoft® Windows® 2000 / XP / 2003 Server /
    Windows Vista
 •  All DPPI Add-ins for Microsoft Excel install and completely uninstall in seconds
 •  EZ-Pivot's complete stand-alone functionality is included in the $99.95 Xcelerator Excel automation Add-in
 •  Xcelerator is the only Add-in to completely automate the formatting of new data utilizing all major Excel feature
 •  Xcelerator completely automates the formatting features of EZ-Format, EZ-Pivot, EZ-Chart and EZ-Calc
 •  All DPPI Add-ins for Excel self-register when purchased from inside a currently installed trail version
 •  All DPPI Add-ins for Excel include life-time free updates for product enhancements and bug fixes
 •  New versions supporting Excel 2007 are available as a free update and product enhancement
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Run and Watch the EZ-Pivot "Automated Demos".
In minutes see how to use Excel's most powerful feature!
• Download • Install • Run the Automated Demos • and Completely Uninstall
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Videos on Using EZ-Pivot for Making and Formatting
Excel Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts and Drill Worksheets

Titles for the EZ-Pivot Add-in Tool for Excel Videos   Released Runtime

Create "Aged Date" Fields for use in Excel PivotTables   08/09/2008   04:35
    Create over 20 different "Aged Date" and "Reformatted Date"
    Fields for use in creating PivotTables with Excel or EZ-Pivot.
Auto Formatting Excel PivotTable Drill Worksheets   08/08/2008   05:30
    Use EZ-Pivot and Xcelerator to Auto Format Excel
    PivotTable Drill Worksheets in Drill enabled PivotTables.
EZ-Pivot for Excel Demo 04/12/2007   06:16
    (See how to create PivotTables and Drill worksheets in seconds!)
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Download Free 15-Day Trial of EZ-Pivot Add-in
for Making and Formatting Excel Pivot Tables,
Making Excel Pivot Charts and Excel Drill Worksheets

Installs and Completely Uninstalls in Seconds.
Securely purchase from inside Excel to automatically self-register.
Liftime free updates - simply download and install the latest version.

EZ-Pivot Version 9.1 for Microsoft Excel          SLP-US $39.95
Download the 15-day evaluation.
Create formatted printer-ready PivotTables, PivotCharts and Drills in seconds!     
Use both subtotaled data and filtered data to create PivotTables!
Take the Getting Started Tour and create your first PivotTable in 1 minute!
Latest CNET version is 9.1 on March 10, 2014.
New Version 04/18/14
Get it from the DPPI website before the latest version is available on CNET!

Buy EZ-Pivot for $39.95!