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EZ-Split Add-in for Microsoft Excel - Features List

Many Worksheet splitting features are only available in EZ-Split.

Use EZ-Split's features when comparing Splitting Add-ins.

Split Lists, Tables and Subtotaled Data in Excel Worksheets
and automate "Emailing" of Split Workbooks!

The EZ-Split Splitting Sub-Ribbon
Split thousands of records in seconds retaining all formatting.

Automatically Email Split Workbooks as part of splitting.

Download the 15-day Trial
and immediately begin splitting worksheets!

  Split Worksheets containing "Excel Lists", "Tables" and "Subtotaled" data
by the selected values in any field.

  Create a "separate worksheet for each selected value" or
"one combined worksheet for all selected values".

  Create split worksheets in "separate workbooks" or "one workbook".

  Retain all worksheet and print formatting.

  Retain all totals and subtotals.

  Retain data above and below the data being split.

  Automatically "converts to value" cells referencing other worksheets.

  Automatically "reverts to the original cell value" when there are
"#REF errors" in split worksheet formulas.

  Optionally delete columns automatically correcting "#REF errors".

  Optionally include updated PivotTables and PivotCharts.

  Optionally include macrocode.

  Optionally include all worksheets from the original workbook.

  Optionally convert all formula cells to value.

  Automate emailing of split workbooks using "addresses embedded in the
worksheet data
" or "a lookup address for the first value in a specified field".

Splitting How-to Overview

See how easy it is to split worksheets!

Export Visible Worksheet Data

The EZ-Split Worksheet Exporting Sub-Ribbon
  Optionally delete columns correcting "#REF errors".

  Retains all formulas "not producing #REF errors" and
"calculating the identical values".

"Free Forever" Excel Subtotal Fix Features

The EZ-Split Free Subtotal Fixing Sub-Ribbon
The following features are Free Forever with installation of the EZ-Split Trial.

  Fix "final subtotals", "grand totals" and "subtotal outlines" when in error.

  Toggle between "Excel standard outlines for up to six subtotals" and
"optimized outlines for up to six subtotal break fields" with any number of
subtotals per break field.

  Toggle subtotals "temporarily off" and "on".

  Toggle between "subtotals below" and "subtotals above".

  Toggle between "fixed subtotals" and "standard Excel subtotals".

Additional "Everyday Use" Excel Features

  Double-clicking values in any filtered data "quickly sets and unsets Excel
data filters
" and "automatically exposes related subtotals".

  Use "Export Visible Data" to quickly export only the visible rows in any worksheet to a new worksheet retaining all formatting and all formulas not producing #REF errors.

Splitting by Field Values Dialog

The EZ-Split Splitting Dialog

Splitting How-to Overview

See how easy it is to split worksheets!

Download the 15-day Trial
and immediately begin splitting worksheets!

Securely Purchase for $39.95

Securely purchase for $39.95
using PayPal or a major credit card.

Works with 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Excel.
Works with Excel XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Used in 25 countries and all 50 states.