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Download Xcelerator 5.2 and evaluate for 15-days!

Expand Excel's Capabilities With Powerful New Features Exclusive to Xcelerator!

Mix multiple subtotal types at the each subtotal level - not available with Excel's standard subtotaling feature. Create counts for some fields and subtotals for other fields at the same subtotal level.

Drag the field contents of non-breaking and non-totaling fields to any subtotal level. For example, drag the account description and account category fields to each subtotal line when subtotaling fields at changes in the account number field. Very helpful when displaying or printing only subtotal information with the detail records hidden!

Hide and un-hide all non-breaking, non-subtotaled and non-dragged fields at any subtotal level. All columns not the basis for subtotal breaking, not being subtotaled and not being dragged can be hidden and un-hidden with a single mouse click. Very useful when displaying and printing either with or without the detail records hidden! Gets right to the essence of subtotaled data!

Clear (it's really hiding) duplicate or recurring values in any column.
Clearing duplicate or recurring values in columns can make reading worksheets easier. Because the values are really only hidden you don't lose any Excel or Xcelerator functionality.

Convert dates to either Year/Month or Year/Quarter format on either a calendar or a fiscal year basis.Very useful when automatically accumulating charting totals based on dates. This dramatically reduces the number of dates to be charted. Also very useful when creating time-period subtotals in Excel worksheets!

Specify an additional chart accumulation field beyond either the X and Y fields or the X, Y and Z fields used to automatically produce two and three dimensional Excel charts. For example, with Xcelerator you could always accumulate total revenue and total cost by month producing one chart for all products combined. But now with Xcelerator 3.0 you can optionally accumulate revenue and cost totals by month for each individual product and for all products combined. Then automatically create a single chart whose chart values can be easily changed in real-time to any of the individual sets of chart values by product. Or easily create individual charts for each separate product and for all products combined. The number of individual charts is limited only by Excel. This new, 100% automatic charting capability continues to be totally independent of how the data is formatted in the Excel worksheet.

Improve the Presentation of Data for Viewing and Printing!

Create worksheets with stacked and appended fields. This has always been a powerful Xcelerator feature.

Never Lose Excel Functionality When Stacking and Appending Fields!

Use Excel data filters on the individual fields making up stacked and appended fields. Never lose the ability to filter the individual fields making up a stacked and appended field.

Stacked column totals automatically adjust to changes in Excel filters. Column totals always reflect the current filtered record set even when stacking multiple numeric fields.

Subtotaling stacked fields automatically produces stacked subtotals. Excel subtotals always include values for each stacked numeric field. This is an exclusive Xcelerator feature not available in Excel.