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  Double-Click Data Filtering and Exporting Only Visible Data

New!  XL-Subtotal Fixes Excel Subtotaling Bugs.
This free function completely corrects all Excel Subtotal Bugs in one click!
Download the Free Excel Subtotaling Bug Fix Today!
  Download the 15-Day full XL-Subtotal trial
and Fix Excel Subtotals Free Forever.  

Fixes Multilevel Subtotals, Nested Subtotals, Subtotals in wrong Position / Column / Order,
Incorrect Subtotal Outlines, Missing / Erroneous Grand Totals in Subtotals Above and Below.

The XL-Subtotal Excel Toolbar
The Subtotal Fix Feature on the Excel Ribbon and Excel Toolbar is Free Forever.
Purchase XL-Subtotal to use dozens of additional Subtotaling enhancements.
This is the only solution to completely correct Excel's Subtotal Bugs!

The following four features are free forever in both XL-Subtotal and EZ-Split.

1.  Fixing (a) Outlines, (b) Grand Totals and (c) the first or last group of Subtotals.
2.  Switching between subtotals below and subtotals above.                               
3.  Turning subtotals off to work with only the data and turning subtotals back on. 
4.  Switching to standard Excel Subtotals which may include Excel subtotal bugs.   

EZ-Split now splits fixed Excel Subtotals retaining XL-Subtotal's additional formatting.

See How to Create Excel Charts in Three Clicks from Fixed Subtotaled Data!

Fixes Nested Totals, Grand Totals, Group Totals and Subtotal Outlines!
FREE Subtotaling Bug Fix works in all versions of Microsoft Excel.
All versions of Excel have Subtotaling Bugs with no available solution from Microsoft.
Microsoft hot patches and suggested registry changes do not fix Excel subtotaling bugs.

To Fix Subtotaling bugs for FREE, download and install XL-Subtotal.

Simple Example of Incorrect Grand Totals in Subtotals Below created by Excel 2007

The EZ-Split Excel 2007 / 2010 Ribbon

Excel Subtotals Below corrected by XL-Subtotal's FREE Subtotal Fix Feature

The EZ-Split Excel 2007 / 2010 Ribbon

Incorrect Grand Totals in Subtotals Above created by Excel 2007
Excel created only the "Grand Count" inside out-of-order subtotals with incorrect Outline Groupings.
The EZ-Split Excel 2007 / 2010 Ribbon

Excel Subtotals Above corrected by XL-Subtotal's FREE Subtotal Fix Feature
Notice the four "Grand" totals, re-ordered final City and State "Subtotals" and corrected Outline Groupings.
Fixed Subtotals Above are a mirror image of Fixed Subtotals Below.

The EZ-Split Excel 2007 / 2010 Ribbon

The FREE Excel Subtotal Fix works with Excel XP, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013

FREE Fixing of Subtotal Outlines includes:
Eliminating erroroneous identical Outline Levels
Eliminating erroroneous Outline Groupings
Creating missing Outline Levels
Correcting the range of rows for Outline Level 1

FREE Fixing of Grand Totals includes:       
Eliminating duplicate Grand Totals for the same subtotal type
Eliminating blank Grand Total rows
Eliminating #REF Grand Total rows
Eliminating Grand Total rows created at the wrong Outline Level
Creating missing Grand Total rows at the correct Outline Level
Correcting Grand Total row order to match subtotal row order
Correcting Grand Total formulas for the correct range of rows

Purchase XL-Subtotal for $29.95 for Subtotaling enhancements
too difficult or simply impossible to perform using only Excel.
Includes 30-day money back guarantee.

 Download the 15-Day EZ-Split Trial to Split Subtotaled data.
EZ-Split splits Lists, Tables and "Fixed Excel Subtotals".
Split Data by user-selected values in any field.
All XL-Subtotal formatting enhancements are retained in split worksheets.
After the 15-day Trial, purchase EZ-Split for $39.95 for continued use of the add-in.

XL-Subtotal Features Not Found in Excel Subtotaling
Free "Subtotal Outline Level" Fix for Excel Subtotals
Free "Subtotal Grand Total" Fix for Excel Subtotals
Fixes both "Subtotals Above" and "Subtotals Below"
If you find subtotals we do not fix, send them to us and we will enhance this FREE Microsoft Excel feature
Free Subtotal Fix features work with Excel 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.
All Excel versions produce Subtotal Outline and Subtotal Grand Total errors for all but the very simplist of subtotals. "Subtotals Above" are always in error.
Optionally use the left double-click to set and unset Excel data filters in "Lists", "Tables" and "Subtotaled" data.  Double-clicking outside filtered data continues to performs Excel's standard in-cell editing.
Turn double-click filtering off to revert back to Excel's standard in-cell editing when double left-clicking inside filtered data.  Alternatively, use the F2 function key to enter Excel's standard in-cell editing in any cell.
In subtotaled data all related Subtotals and Grand Totals are automatically displayed with double-click filtering
After using Excel's standard feature to manually set multi-value filters for any field, one click displays all related Subtotals and Grand Totals
A single click exports only the visible rows of data in any Excel worksheet, and retains Excel subtotal outlines when exporting subtotaled data containing hidden rows
When exporting a filtered set of Excel subtotaled data, the Excel subtotal outlines are automatically and correctly retained
"Turn Subtotals Off" or "Turn Subtotals On" with a single click
Automatically Sort Subtotal Break Fields with restoring Subtotals
Add one additional Sort field beyond the Break Fields and automatically sort this field when restoring or recreating Subtotals
Optimize Subtotal Outlines producing one Outline Level per Break Field rather than one Outline Level per break field and subtotal type
A single click hides / un-hides all fields that not "Break Fields", Subtotaled Fields" or "Dragged Fields"
For user-selected fields, drag constant detail data within each subtotal break to all subtotal rows for the lowest break field; data at each break is only dragged when it is identical for all cells within the break
View only the subtotals for any single outline level, and export only the subtotals for any single outline level
View all subtotals for any single break field, and export all subtotals for any single break field
Optionally automatically hide empty columns when viewing Subtotal Outline Levels from the XL-Subtotal Ribbon drop-down
Optionally Shade Subtotal Rows for Easier Viewing
Optionally Bold Subtotal Rows for Easier Viewing
Temporarily remove Subtotals
Saves all Subtotal settings when Subtotals are Removed
Recreates temporarily Removed Subtotals exactly as they existed
Save Break Fields, Subtotaled Fields and Types, Sorts, Bolding, Shading and all subtotal settings for re-use with new data
Permanently Delete Subtotals and all Subtotal Settings for any "Fixed" subtotaled data
Eliminates erroneous "Grand Total" rows created by Excel
Deletes erroneous Outline Levels created by Excel and creates Outline Levels omitted in error
Automatically auto-sizes a "Bolded Subtotaled Column" when bolding produces ####s
Retains manually hidden columns when hiding and un-hiding non-subtotal related fields; fields that are not Breaks, Subtotaled on Dragged

Purchase from within Excel and Add-ins self-register

All DPPI Add-ins for Excel include free updates and enhancements.

Periodically download and install the latest version to
update the software without over writing user preferences.