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Microsoft Excel Add-ins and Excel Tools
for Automatic Formatting of Data in Seconds

Format Excel Worksheets, Format Excel Charts,
Format Excel PivotTables, PivotCharts and Drill Worksheets
Enhanced Excel Data Analysis and Excel Data Manipulation

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EZ-FindAll for Excel
Includes EZ-Free "Free Forever" Add-in for Excel.
$19.95 Securely Purchase for $19.95

EZ-ChartList for Excel
Use EZ-ChartList for free with purchase of EZ-Format for $49.95.
$14.95 Securely Purchase for $14.95

EZ-Format for Excel    Best Value
Includes features from EZ-Split and XL-Subtotal.
Use EZ-Split and EZ-ChartList for free with purchase of EZ-Format.
$49.95 Securely Purchase for $49.95

EZ-Importer for PayPal and Excel
Quickly and easily accumulate, format and analyze transactions
exported from PayPal.  Automatically accumulates only unique
transactions from over-lapping PayPal exports.
 $9.95 Securely Purchase for $9.95

EZ-Pivot for Excel
$39.95 Securely Purchase for $39.95

EZ-Split for Excel
Splitting Lists, Tables and Subtotaled data by selected
values to new Workbooks is included in EZ-Format.
Use EZ-Split for free with purchase of EZ-Format for $49.95.
$39.95 Securely Purchase for $39.95

XL-Subtotal for Excel    
Free Forever Excel Subtotal Fix feature does not require purchase.
$29.95 Securely Purchase for $29.95